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EFT to Make Enough Money


"I can't seem to make enough money!"

When you get right down to it, your money problems all come from one source: Not enough income. If you feel you aren't earning to your potential, and it's stressing you out, then try this audio. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an easy-to-use system of acupressure where you "tap" on certain points to clear out issues.

This EFT audio works to clear out the frustration, overwhelm, and hopeless feelings to empower you to go out and increase your income. Includes a brief guided visualization at the end, and utilizes some concepts from EFH (Emotional Freedom & Healing). Approx. 20 minutes; 15 MB download. This EFT audio is the second best thing to working live with an EFT practitioner. The languaging goes beyond the simple EFT basics, and additional techniques and processes are used. The files are not overly produced and include no additional music. Downloadable MP3 file. No physical CD is shipped.

Price: $10.99


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