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Higher Consciousness Healing - Level 1 - Awakening


Higher Consciousness Healing is a new healing system and series of energetic initiations. You can receive the initiations for your own personal development, and/or to become initiated into the Higher Consciousness Healing system.

The system involves 9 levels and 9 initiations (which are similar to attunements but work to totally re-align your energy). Each level focuses on a different quality: awakening, presence, surrender, joy, purity, faith, acceptance, love, and radiance.

Upon reaching level 9 you can perform Higher Consciousness Healings, which involve a special form of meditation and intention that is very unlike Reiki but serves as a powerful complement to it.

Each level comes with one initiation (that is received over 3 days) and a PDF manual that describes the energy and offers some exercises and/or meditations to help develop the energy. Preliminary healing techniques are taught at each level. Level 9 explains how to perform full Higher Consciousness Healings.

Level 1 focuses on the quality of "Awakening" and provides the preliminary foundation for the series.

Note: Only the founder can transmit these energies, so you cannot resell these initiations as you would regular Reiki attunements. You can, however, resell this system as an affiliate:

All all-levels discount package is available:

You will receive one initiation that takes place over 3 days and a PDF manual.

Price: $45.00


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