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In an effort to make courses accessible for all, Elemental Chi Institute is now offering scholarships for various courses throughout the year.

Ongoing partial scholarships are available for the Reiki Home Video Courses, Levels 1-3. The scholarship is for approximately 75% off each course, so scholarship winners will pay $25 per level.

This scholarship will go to anyone needing assistance who is dedicated to learning and teaching traditional Reiki in an ethical, compassionate manner. There are many Reiki "Masters" who are now combining Reiki with dark systems designed to manipulate other people. By accepting this scholarship, you agree to only use Reiki for healing and not try to abuse it to manipulate others.

To apply, send an email via the contact form with your name and story. Why do you need a scholarship at this time? Please explain briefly why you will uphold the integrity of Reiki energy healing.

There are no full scholarship offerings at this time. Please subscribe to the newsletter or follow @elementalchi on Twitter to be notified of new scholarships, which will be available on and off throughout the year.

Thank you!


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