by Allison Ford

In order to create what you want in your life, you need to become very good at setting and holding intentions.

What is an intention? For our purposes:

An intention is a decision that you make to manifest a specific positive outcome.

For example: I have intention to finish writing this article. Other intentions could be:

An intention to find a husband.
An intention to write the great American novel.
An intention to lose weight.

Knowing the specifics of your intention can be very important. For example, if you intend to find a husband, what does that mean? Are you looking for any old guy or are you looking for a man with white hair, a beard, twinkly eyes and a jolly laugh? (Ho, ho, ho.)

Getting clear on these specifics can be confusing at times, especially for indecisive people. For example, let's say you are looking for a husband, but you meet too many guys you like, "kinda/sorta," and you just can't seem to decide on which one. You need to get clearer on your intention.

Sometimes, however, trying to set clear intentions on big things like choosing a mate is hard to do. So here is an exercise to help you practice. You will start off by setting intentions on smaller goals that aren't so important or carry as much weight.

Exercise: Set one clear intention each day.

When you get up each morning, think about the target for your intention. Keep it small. Perhaps, on the first day, you'll start with a little thing, such as the type of experience you will have eating lunch.

Think about what you want, and then state it clearly in a simple sentence starting with "I intend." For example:

I intend to have a relaxing lunch with my friend Judy, where we are eating amazing food and having great conversation.

Release your intention to your higher self, the universe, God, angels, or whatever serves as a higher power for you.

Keep practicing on small things, graduating to bigger and bigger things until you are able to work on a large goal.

Good luck!