Priests of Holy Grail Christmas Ritual - Free Reiki Attunement

This Reiki system is a special addition to the Priests of Holy Grail Reiki system for psychic protection and exorcism by Ömer Volkan Akkuş. This energy is about finding the space between the old year and the new, where the devils are kept at bay and abundance, happiness and connection with God can be fully experienced. 

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The manual is provided in PDF format. ​Please note: English is not the native language of the manual writer

Archangel Jophiel Ray of Light Reiki Attunement

From Wikipedia: "The Archangel Jophiel (Hebrew: "Beauty of God") is also known as Iophiel, Iofiel, Jofiel, Yofiel ("Divine Beauty"), Youfiel and Zophiel ("My Rock is God")....The Zohar lists him as a Great Angel Chief in charge of 53 legions who superintend Torah-readings on the Sabbath. Jophiel is said to be a companion to the angel Metatron." The energies of this attunement connect you to Archangel Jophiel and to the yellow ray of light associated with this angel. Jophiel is an angel of enlightenment and beauty.

Angels of Peace Reiki Attunement

A calming, beautiful angelic healing energy from SpiritLight Reiki, The Angels of Peace attunement connects you to the Angels that bring you peace and contentment. It is said there are 7 Angels of peace and their names are unknown, however there are actually at least 9 Angels of Peace and very likely more. These angels will surround you with love, light, and compassion to help you through any trial or challenge you face. The Angels of Peace help you on a personal level to restore an inner peace.

Angels Healing and Empowerment Reiki

A wonderful, angelic healing energy from SpiritLight Reiki, Angels Healing and Empowerment Reiki connects you to the realm of the Angels. It works with the angelic realm to bring healing of illness, and false beliefs. The energies bring empowerment through healing and renewing true and right positive energies within you. The Angels have given an exercise to use to lift your energies, boost your personal power, and heal the heart, soul, and body.

You will receive one attunement and a PDF manual.