Founded by Alec Summers, Tulip Passion Reiki is a beautiful energy designed to heal relationships and attract a soulmate into your life. From the manual: I received this system of Reiki from spirit after being attuned to Ahara Reiki. During meditation, Isis and Bast, who are associated with Ahara, came to me and gave me the name of the system together with the hand formations which take the place of symbols. During this experience, my chest was burning with intense heat as my aura felt as if it was on fire. I was told by Isis and Bast that Tulip Passion Reiki is for healing relationships, honouring marriage, healing the heartbreak associated with romance and for bringing a soul mate into your life. Since receiving and working with this energy, I have found that people seem to find me more approachable. I have a friendlier aura around me and I have noticed a marked difference in the number of strangers stopping to talk me. This energy seems to break down barriers that have unconsciously been put up by individuals, which may be preventing them from having a happy and fulfilling love life. You may find that more friends come into your life as well as lovers. This system uses five unique symbols that are created with the hands. You will receive one attunement and a PDF manual.