Ayurvedic Tips on Staying Balanced While Traveling

Traveling or "going on holiday" can be very exciting. All the planning and building up to the time you will spend away...you anticipate the good times and rest from everyday life. However, often when you get back from holiday, you feel you need another one.

While you may welcome the change that comes with going on holiday or travel, your body may feel the changes unfavorably.

How can you integrate Ayurvedic practices and keep yourself balanced so you can fully enjoy yourself?

The principle with all situations is to look at which gunas (qualities) are increased.

Why Should You Meditate? Intriguing Life Changes and Miracles of Meditating

Why use meditation? What elements of life experience, perks of meditation, and what miraculous discoveries lay wait? Uncovering the gifts of meditation isn't difficult – it just demands a minimum of half an hour of daily devotion and some willingness to place your concentration on a particular idea as you keep yourself in the here and now!

To return to the main question, though: What are the reasons to learn meditation? Here are some physiological advantages of meditation, plus powerful wonders of meditation you can consider.

10 Holistic Health Tips for Little to No Money

A holistic approach to health has become vastly popular in recent years. As more and more patients get fed up with emergency rooms, doctors and hospitals in general, they look for alternative forms of medicine. Holistic medicine has been around for thousands of years, and definitely has its merits. It is not only meant for unknown tribes from distant lands, we can all gain benefit by understanding and utilizing this approach to healing. Here are no- and low-cost holistic health tips to improve your health:

Healthy Eating - A Taste of Ayurveda

We have all heard the saying "you are what you eat," but in Ayurveda there is a saying too. So in this article, I'm going to give you an introduction as to why food is so important in Ayurveda, and three of my top tips on how to use food to provide greater energy and fuller health for you. Read on to find out more.

Ayurveda is a natural medical system that's been going for over 5,000 yrs. It's made up of many different parts and is the "science of life" that offers us knowledge that comes from the beginning of time.

Healing for Your Child with Flower Essences

Once again my son is motivated, confident, and feeling good about himself. Not only that, he now has a greater understanding of what’s expected of him, is more calm and relaxed as well as centred, balanced and coherent.

He wasn’t like this several weeks ago, far from it, and so I decided to purchase a combination bottle of flower essences called Confid Essence. This particular combination was taken over a two week period, twice per day, and helped him deal with low self-esteem issues, guilt, and shyness. It’s almost like there’s a new kid in town.

Natural Healing for Women with Flower Essences

Flower essence therapy may be new to many people, though their use has flourished with the popularity of Rescue Remedy, an essence combination for relief of tension under stressful situations.

Beyond this formula, there are a great many flower essences available to address a variety of emotional and psychological states.

Here we'll have a look at flower essences particularly supportive of common "women's issues," which may help you in your efforts to become a healthier, more vibrant female, with flower remedies compatible with any natural health and wellness program.

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