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Learn how you can use Tibetan/Himalayan singing bowls for pain relief, stress reduction, relaxation and general healing. Singing bowls can be used for your personal healing as well as healing others. The beautiful tones generated by the bowls can reduce stress and anxiety, and create feelings of peace and well-being. They can be used on their own in healing sessions, and are a perfect compliment to any healing modality. Additionally, they can be a great way to add extra value to live classes and group meditations.

You do not need to have any musical ability or knowledge of sheet music to play singing bowls. All that is needed is an ability to count. (And even that is not totally necessary).

If you have a singing bowl to "bring" to class, great, but this is not required. We will briefly cover purchasing singing bowls and how to collect a basic set for healing purposes.

Topics covered include:

  • Types of singing bowls
  • Basic singing bowl playing techniques
  • Selecting singing bowls for healing
  • Location and usage of singing bowls

This course is available through Reiki Awakening Academy.


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