Cyber Monday + Free Reiki Healing Yantras

Cyber Monday Sale (Until December 3) - 25% Off

Back by popular demand - many folks have requested our classic Reiki attunements. We are in the process of "refreshing" them with either a yantra or sound healing energetic attunement to make it easy for you to get attuned and re-attuned whenever you want.

Getting the Reiki catalog up will take a bit of time and we have just gotten started. But you can get 25% off at our Payhip online store until Friday, December 3rd:

What Makes EFT "Tapping" Work So Well?

You may have heard of "tapping" or EFT. It is a self-help process whereby you "tap" on certain points on the body while focusing on an emotional issue. EFT (which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a popular method of tapping that utilizes specific acupressure points to create a one-size-fits-all protocol. Combined with Reiki energy healing, EFT becomes even more powerful.

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