Christmas is the Healing Season

When Christmas comes around, do you think about the healing properties of the season? It may not be so obvious upon first glance, what with all the commercialism and focus on presents, but Christmas is really about healing.

Healing is not just an invention of the "New Age" but has been a long-standing part of ancient wisdom. One of the oldest manuals on healing is the Bible. No one person has performed more miraculous healings on the planet than Jesus Christ, though he often doesn't get enough recognition for this.

Who Are Arniel, Mathael and Shalmiel? The View of the Kabbala on the Heavenly Brigades of Angels

"There is no plant, bush or moss in the world which does not have an agent above, who watches it and tells it: Grow!" (Rabbi Simon)

According to one of the Midrash (requisition) book, even plants have their own sponsoring angels, who protect them and represent their destiny in higher realms.

In fact - every living entity in this world is supervised by a superior life force, in the form of an angel. Each person has two guardian angels, one on the left and one on the right side.

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