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Vedic Medical Astrology Reading & Remedies

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Special introductory offer! 

Vedic Medical Charts usually run between $150-$250. 

This is NOT a predictive astrology reading but an assessment of your birth chart using Vedic astrology (not Western astrology). With Vedic astrology, we can determine what areas of vulnerability exist in the body and mind, and then using your horoscope determine how to remedy the birth chart's effects. This can help improve overall health and well-being.

With this reading, you will get a report on your Vedic chart from a health perspective. Remedies such as mantras, colors, gemstones, and other practices will be suggested to help balance the birth chart energies. 

NOTE: You MUST provide your birth time (to the minute) for an accurate reading. We do not do chart remediation to find birth times, but other Vedic astrologers may offer that service.

Please give 2-3 weeks to receive your reading. 

You will get a JPG (17KB) file