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Money Reiki Founder's Course - Level I

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What Is the Money Reiki Founder's Course? 

The Money Reiki Founder's Course is an online course created by the founder of Money Reiki that expands upon the original system. It is broken up into three levels: Level I, Level II, and Level III. The expanded course builds upon the original Money Reiki system to help you (or your clients) better deal with money.

Typically, when someone sells a Reiki attunement, they provide a distance attunement, a PDF manual, and sometimes a certificate. You will get that here, as this course includes:
  • Original Money Reiki Level I (Practitioner's) Manual - which you can share with your clients.
  • Money Reiki Attunement Instructions
  • Editable Money Reiki I Certificate

What makes this course different is that I am providing extra content that is just for you - something that's not shared or sent along like Reiki attunement manuals are. So you are getting the original Money Reiki manual, an attunement, and even more.

In Level I of the Money Reiki Founder's Course, the focus is on clearing energetic blocks. We will explore some of the reasons, external and internal, that people have issues with money. You are also provided with practical steps and exercises to take to help you gain a better handle on your finances.

If your finances are already in good shape, the material here may help you in coaching your clients who have money problems.

Here's the additional exclusive content you won't be able to get anywhere else:

  • Simple step-by-step instructions to guide you on your journey (PDF)
  • Money Reiki Level 1 Founders Course Manual (PDF)
  • Video lecture (MP4) by the founder of Money Reiki along with an audio (MP3) format and PDF slides if you prefer not to download a large video file.
  • 11 minute Nam Myoho Renge Kyo "miracle mantra" MP3 chant with specific Money Reiki instructions
  • EFT Clutter Clearing MP3 with EFT instructions and tapping points chart
  • 25% off coupon codes for the EFR (Emotional Freedom Reiki) Practitioner Course and Nam Myoho Rengo Kyo chant package.
If you already have Money Reiki, whether through me or another Reiki Master, you can get re-attuned with this package and enjoy the additional content.

NOTE: Levels II and III are still being developed. Level II of the Founder's Course will be online hopefully by May 15, 2021, and Level III will be ready by June 1, 2021. Level II will be $50 and Level III will be $75.


Even though I founded Money Reiki, I had some serious money problems. But I was always having people contact me about Money Reiki attunements. The thing is, I felt that I hadn't embodied what I was teaching. Finally, I was inspired with a solution - that my struggles had lessons for others. I decided to offer an expanded course that wasn't just a Reiki attunement but provided context, both practical and energetic, around why we have money problems and what we might to do fix them.

In this course, I expand on Money Reiki to teach what I wished I had learned about money years ago. I hope it helps you!
-Stephanie Brail 
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (103KB)
  • MP3 (15MB)
  • PDF (75KB)
  • DOCX (336KB)
  • PDF (185KB)
  • MP3 (20MB)
  • PDF (438KB)
  • PDF (243KB)
  • PDF (2MB)
  • PDF (682KB)
  • MP3 (59MB)
  • MP4 (457MB)