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Learn How to Play Native Flute

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If you have always wanted to learn how to play the Native American flute or similar flutes, this class is for you! Designed for absolute beginners with no music training, you do not need to read music to take this class.

If you don't have a Native American flute yet, you can bring a tin whistle (aka Celtic whistle) or a recorder, preferably "Baroque" fingering - but a cheap plastic one will do. (You can get a Clarke Celtic whistle for $11 online.) This class will be recorded so you can watch it first, choose what type of flute you want, and then purchase it later and rewatch the class for the music portion.

I will explain a little bit about how the popular Native American flute works, go over inexpensive alternatives, and discuss how to take care of your flute.

You will learn a simple pentatonic (5-note) scale that will make you sound like a pro almost instantly.

You will learn the basics of breathwork and tonguing.

You will also learn some basic songs to play to practice and how to get started with improvisation.

Playing native flute is a great way to relax and perform self-sound healing. I have also used it in yoga classes for sivasana.
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