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The Virtual Flower Essences Practitioner Course

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The Virtual Flower Essences Practitioner Course is a home-study audio course on how to select, create and use virtual flower essences in a professional healing capacity. The course consists of 5 audios (of approximately 30-40 minutes each) accompanied by an explanatory manual. You will also receive a brief meditation audio to help you in self-attuning to the flower essence energies. Topics covered include:

  • How to select flower essences (and use a pendulum quickly and safely).
  • How to receive any flower essence energy you want without needing to have a physical bottle or flower on hand.
  • How to open up and improve your healing abilities.
  • How to to perform healings in person and at a distance.
  • How to create bottled essences and aura sprays without needing to use the physical flower.
  • How to perform a flower essence consultation.
  • This course is designed such that those without any prior healing experience can learn how to become a healer using flower energies.

You do not need to be a Reiki Master or existing healer to use this course! If you are an expert Reiki Master or experienced healer, this course covers how to channel energies directly, which you may already know how to you may simply want the Flower Essence Reiki course.

Just wanted to tell you that I just finished your virtual flower essence course and it is awesome. It was very easy to understand. I did all the modules in 1 evening. It was well worth the money. Thank you for always keeping the courses and attunements on you site at very reasonable prices. I can't wait to start my next course with you.

Marlena Siciliano, Spiritual Hands of Light

Please note: In order to receive an optional certification as a Virtual Flower Essences Practitioner, you must order a personal evaluation at an additional $25 to be tested. Instructions are provided in the course.
You will get the following files:
  • MP3 (8MB)
  • TXT (621B)
  • PDF (268KB)
  • MP3 (24MB)
  • MP3 (28MB)
  • MP3 (25MB)
  • MP3 (19MB)
  • MP3 (23MB)
  • TXT (2KB)