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Create Your Own Reiki Attunements Course

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Learn how to receive your own custom Reiki attunements through an easy self-attunement process. Your attunements can be used for self-healing or packaged into Reiki courses that you can share with others. You do not need to be a Reiki Master to take this course, although Reiki experience is helpful. This process will work for you regardless of your Reiki experience.

Bonus: Along with the "Create Your Own Reiki Attunements" webinar, you will also receive the Advanced Reiki Master system!

You will get:
  • 1 recorded video webinar - almost 2 hours, in both video and audio (MP3) formats.
  • The Advanced Reiki Master (Level IV) system, which comes with a manual and 3 attunements - this system helps you to "channel" your own Reiki attunements.
  • Spirit-Directed Reiki Attunement manual (follow these instructions to receive your 3 Advanced Reiki Master attunements).
  • Advanced Reiki Master certificate in Word (you fill out your own name and date).
About the Advanced Reiki Master System
This is a "Reiki Level IV" course in the Elemental Usui lineage branch, and is meant to continue your studies after Reiki Level III. (This is not the same Reiki Level IV as presented by some Tibetan-Usui teachers.) Ideally, you will take these attunements after receiving Reiki Level III.

In the manual, you will learn how to channel Reiki energies and create your own Reiki systems. You will also learn how to improve your attunements, create your own Reiki symbols, and send Reiki attunements backwards in time.

This system comes with 3 new symbols, one of which can be used to channel new Reiki energies.
You will get the following files:
  • DOCX (336KB)
  • MP3 (51MB)
  • MP4 (152MB)
  • PDF (236KB)
  • PDF (205KB)