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Toxic Culture Shield Reiki - Yantra Attunement

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The media that we consume can have a powerful impact on our bodies, minds, and emotions. But have you noticed that moden pop culture has gotten extremely toxic lately? Whether it is the "Satanic" or evil imagery that is being shown in music performances, or the toxicity of the news cycle, modern Western culture can be quite negative. (Some people say it's an evil elite doing this on purpose...what do you think?)

Toxic Culture Shield Reiki provides an energetic "detox" to all of these negative energies. This is a very simple form of Reiki to use. 

The Reiki attunement package you are receiving here will attune you to Toxic Culture Shield Reiki. 

This package contains a yantra attunement, which is a special way to attune to Reiki using a specially made, spiritually-charged image. You will also receive a Reiki healing yantra that you can use for yourself or with your clients, along with a desktop wallpaper version. Additionally, you'll get instructions on how to create a journal to track the energetic impact of the media you consume daily.

You will also receive a certificate (that you fill out yourself) in Word and PDF. Everything is also zipped up for your convenience.
You will get the following files:
  • DOCX (336KB)
  • PDF (456KB)
  • PDF (273KB)
  • PNG (2MB)
  • ZIP (4MB)
  • PDF (110KB)
  • PDF (341KB)
  • PDF (117KB)