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Questions About Distant Reiki Attunements

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In this free video, Stephanie Brail, a seasoned Reiki Master with years of experience, addresses some common controversies and questions about Reiki attunements and practice. She emphasizes the importance of understanding that Reiki is universal life force energy, not dependent on the practitioner’s personal energy. Stephanie also discusses the concept of distance or remote Reiki attunements, the effectiveness of which she vouches for based on her extensive experience and feedback from thousands of her students. She tackles the debate between traditional and modern forms of Reiki and the use of different terminologies, asserting that all forms serve different personalities and preferences. Lastly, she explains the concept of Reiki attunements as flavors of Reiki, encouraging practitioners to explore what resonates with them. This enlightening video is a must-watch for anyone seeking deeper understanding of Reiki practice, especially those grappling with misconceptions or confusion about the process.

Includes MP4 download and automated transcript in PDF form.

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